CrimeLines™ is an Interactive Timeline Builder

Finally, an interactive timeline tool to help prosecutors (and others in law enforcement) manage large amounts of evidence.  For starters, CrimeLines isn’t static or limited to a linear presentation. The application is as robust as it is easy to use.

Crimelines is incredibly flexible. Save out custom views, order them, and create groups of related events. Build a presentation for each witness. Enjoy the freedom of having total control over how you present. Crimelines makes it easier to prosecute cases with complex fact patterns (e.g., homicide investigations, white-collar prosecutions, robberies, and drug investigations).

CrimeLines will help you maximize the impact of your evidence.

Who needs a timeline?

We believe every prosecutor, investigator and detective does.

Every case has a time component. Whether you use it to track the progress of an investigation, to organize your thoughts before trial, every case benefits from a well-thought out timeline.

Being able to visualize events in the sequence they happened is powerful. CrimeLines helps to answer the perpetual question of “Who knew what when?”

Learn the details of your case better as you build your Crimelines. You can choose where you go and what gets shown on the fly. We made it simple to show what you want when you want it.

Built by Prosecutors for Prosecutors

CrimeLines is designed by Brian Carney, a veteran Boston prosecutor (11 years) and the president of WIN Interactive, Inc.

Working with dozens of prosecutors, investigators, and lawyers over hundreds of cases, we’ve pulled together a set of features to make accessing and presenting evidence quick and easy.

Crimelines is the best interactive time line tool available today.

“WIN Interactive’s presentation helped me to organize my evidence, learn my case, and speed up my trial.  I was able to successfully try the homicide case in one day.  The next day the jury returned a verdict of guilty! “
Michael Moore, State’s Attorney, Beadle County

Try it for FREE

Don’t just take our word for it, take the software for a spin yourself. We offer a 30-day free full trial of the application. Just click the link and you’ll be up and running in minutes.